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Residential Cleaning

residential cleaning

Without doubt the most popular type of cleaning is residential one. It’s also referred to as maid service or janitorial service. This type of cleaning includes the general housework that every home requires, as well as tidying up, clearance and spot treating. Residential cleaning includes sanitizing of bathroom, kitchen and toilet, cleaning up the bedrooms and the living room, taking out the rubbish and dusting, vacuuming and mopping. It’s not hard to start a residential cleaning business and it can even be started from home. It requires a minimum startup investment and hiring cleaners is easy, because the cleaning techniques are quite basic. Residential cleaning also includes end of tenancy cleaning, as well as post-renovation cleaning services. The wide range of services makes this quite a profitable business which can be expanded with various additional services.

Commercial Cleaning

commercial cleaning

Another rewarding business, which includes cleaning of offices and business buildings and premises. This business is quite beneficial for business owners in the big city. The service is usually done after the working hours, at night or at weekends and it involves general housekeeping duties of the office premises. Since many offices nowadays have kitchens and some even have showers, the cleaning companies combine residential and commercial services, thus offering a full package of services. The services are scheduled according to the preferences of the manager or the business owner so there is no interruption of the working process. When it comes to office buildings, the landlord can choose the cleaning services and work out a contract which is equal for each business in the building. Another option is for each business to hire its own cleaning service. Usually a separate company is hired for the window cleaning of high-rise office buildings – this is a more perilous task which is not done on a weekly basis and requires special equipment and trained cleaners.